Paneer Recipe in Tamil | How to make Paneer at home in Tamil

In this video we will see how to make paneer at home. Paneer recipe / Indian cottage cheese is very easy to make and can convert milk into paneer which can be used for many other recipes. Paneer is a very soft cheese and does not require special ingredients and enzymes. Homemade paneer involves curdling milk using an acid like citric acid / lemon juice or vinegar. The rate of curdling and the temperature of the milk determines how soft the paneer will form.
For the best paneer, use a moderate temperature of milk and add lemon juice slowly. Don’t add too much lemon juice at once. It will form very large curds, which might be alright for making paneer cubes but for making sweets we need very fine and soft paneer. So curdle milk very slowly and once paneer is formed cool the milk by adding some ice cubes. Thus the formed paneer will be very soft.
Some times paneer will have some residual smell and taste of lemon juice / vinegar so rinse the paneer in some cold water to remove this flavor.

Friends please do make this easy homemade paneer and you can use it to make all the paneer recipes. Please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. Happy cooking !

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